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Pilanesberg National Park, a leisurely 2 hour drive from Johannesburg, is situated in the crater of an extinct volcano. Having been subject to several thousand years of erosion this crater now boasts many different terrains including mountains, cliff faces, gorges, gullies, ravines, valleys and waterways. This variety in the terrain gives rise to different vegetation types and habitats that support a large natural biodiversity. The Pilanesberg National Park is situated in the transition zone between South Africa’s bushveld on the eastern side and the more arid Kalahari thornveld to the west. This gives rise to certain species distribution overlap. For example, this is one of the only areas where both Impala and Springbok coexist. The Pilanesberg National Park is home to the “Big 5” (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo) as well as many other interesting species.
Its close proximity to Johannesburg, and the low risk of malaria, make this an interesting and practical alternative to the traditional Kruger National Park Safari.

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    Pilanesberg 2 Day Safari

    Pilanesberg National Park

    Enjoy an incredible African Safari in the Pilanesberg National Park, a “Big 5” (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino & Buffalo) Game Reserve situated in close proximity to Johannesburg and Pretoria. You…

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